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spacer Sauce - Arrabbiata Arrabbiata24.0 oz.

A recipe as rich as the earth of Italy, passionate with flavor. Red pepper flakes adds a spicy note. Add your favorite pasta, and you've got a meal just like home.

spacer Sauce - Carrettiera Carrettiera24.0 oz.

Stino offers you the chance to experience the days of old Carritta drivers of produce wagons dispensing fresh tomatoes for your hot pasta. A hand-bottled creation as elegant as its ingredients are simple. Delizioso!

spacer Sauce - Pomodoro Filetto di Pomodoro24.0 oz.

Tomatoes filleted of their skins provide the canvass for a sauce recalling sunny Napoli days freshened by the sea air. Marry this authentic treat to your favorite pasta.

spacer Sauce - Vesuvio Fumo del Vesuvio24.0 oz.

Smoked bacon gives this creamy tomato sauce its flavorful taste and distinctive name, evoking the alive volcano Vesuvius. Enhance your pasta dishes with this rich, aromatic and authentic creation by Stino.

spacer Dressing - Lemon Lemon12.0 oz.

As perfect as the blue of the Mediterranean Sea! Luscious lemons combine with premium oils and seasonings to create a dressing fit for all vegetables.

spacer Dressing - Raspberry Raspberry12.0 oz.

Perfect for summer salad days! The finest raspberry vinegar and premium oils and seasonings enliven the humblest greens.