Stino's Highest Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Now Available for Purchase

Now you can make incredible dishes using Stino's 100% Italian olive oil!

The base ingredient for most of our meals at our restaurant, we are extremely pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase our beloved olive oil. 

We invite you to experience how much more delectable your homemade dishes can taste! 

Our extra virgin olive oil is made from 100% Italian olives from Sardinia and are harvested at peak season, resulting in the most flavorful and original Italian olive oil.

The quality of the Sardinian olives can be attributed to the nutrient rich soil that the olives are grown in.

Many "Italian" olive oils claim to be Italian, but many of these olive oils are made with a mixture of olives from Italy, Greece, Spain and other locations, but bottled in Italy so growers will call them "Italian." There is no substitute for the real thing!

The flavor profile of this delicious oil can best be described as clean and smooth on the palate, with a rich and robust aroma. 

Purchase our cherished olive oil at Lake Road Market, our restaurant, or online at

Savor this fine Italian extra virgin olive oil with every meal in the comforts of your own home!